Metaxi mas

Metaxi mas


Excellent food, good company, great atmosphere... they're all waiting to be enjoyed on Naxos, at 'Metaxi mas'!

Wandering through the narrow alleys on the northern side of Naxos’ old town, just up from the port and before the street starts uphill to the Venetian Castle, set among blindingly white traditional houses, Cycladic chapels and small shops selling this, that and everything, you’re sure to pass by what may well be one of the most photographed spots in town: ‘Metaxi mas’.

Preserving and highlighting the key elements of traditional Cycladic architecture—stone and wood harmoniously combined, and enhancing the interior and exterior alike with rustic and vintage “touches”, in a small stone building in the picturesque alleys of what was once the Old Town market, we dreamed of a hospitable and welcoming family space; we ended up embarking on our restaurant adventure in 2004.

Wanting to convey our love for our island, Naxos’s culinary tradition, our passion for good food, and our desire to get together and spend beautiful moments with our loved ones over fine food and drink, we created ‘Metaxi mas’, a traditional and popular hangout in the heart of Naxos old town.  

Today, 20 years later, having added an additional indoor space in the same philosophy and style, we are able to host even larger gatherings for even better occasions. Of course, in the summer, you can enjoy your meal at the tables we set out in the alley, amidst bougainvillea and potted basil. 


To cook healthy, homemade, traditional cuisine—for you!

We’re Naxos born and bred, so we couldn’t help but learn about good food, home cooking, traditional recipes and pure ingredients.

Our family taverna is rooted in the Greek culinary tradition, but also on our own local cuisine, because Naxos truly is blessed, both in the high-quality ingredients produced on the island and the sophisticated dietary and gastronomic heritage the islanders have passed down from one generation to the next.

We start each day hunting down the very freshest produce in the market. Then, depending on the season, we create dishes that are both unique and delicious, just like we’d cook at home for our family.


For unforgettable flavours and hospitality with a human touch and a warm welcome!

At our taverna, you can enjoy a variety of appetizers, salads made with the vegetables that grow so well in our rich Naxian soil, classic casseroles, roasts and stews cooked fresh every morning, but also local recipes, grilled meats straight from the Naxian countryside and seafood freshly caught by the island’s fishermen. And of course, after a delicious meal, you can try a home-made dessert just like the ones our mothers make, a different one each day. And all that accompanied by our excellent local wine and raki—or an ouzo, if you prefer.

The way locals and visitors to the island, from Greece and abroad, took us into their hearts from the very first made one thing very clear: they’d been waiting for a ‘Metaxi mas’ to come along. And for so many years now, the acceptance we’ve enjoyed, and the regular customers who keep on coming back, fill us with the enthusiasm, strength and love we need to continue offering classic Greek and local dishes of the highest quality.

We hope to have the pleasure of hosting you and sharing a unique dining experience together in the beautiful and welcoming space we call ‘Metaxi mas’.