Metaxi mas

Welcome to 'Metaxi mas'

Flavours and aromas
in an Aegean atmosphere

Welcome to 'Metaxi mas'

A traditional taverna with an air of luxury

Welcome to 'Metaxi mas'

An ideal choice for every palate


A feast for all the senses!

Set among bougainvillea and the scent of basil, tiny chapels, old island houses and small shops, you can’t miss ‘Metaxi mas’ on one of the main streets in the traditional quarter of Naxos Town, just 150m from the port.

Here, the traditional is combined with taste, simplicity, a distinct aesthetic, attention to detail and authentic quality. These are the ‘ingredients’ with which we created a classic Greek tavern from another age.

‘Metaxi mas’ is a place where friends meet and are made, locals and visitors hang out, and home-cooked delicacies and dishes are served in an exquisitely decorated space at the foot of the hill topped by the town’s Venetian Castle.

We cook every day here, because it puts in a good mood—and good moods are infectious!

Genuine Naxian Cuisine

Traditional recipes and dishes made with love and care, just like the island women cook in their own homes.

Fresh local ingredients

Carefully-selected, fresh, high-quality raw materials, all locally-grown and full of taste and nutritional value.

Idyllic atmosphere

In its classic and beautifully restored building, a fine example of the Aegean architecture of centuries gone by, 'Metaxi mas' combines a Cycladic aura with the feel of an old-time Athenian taverna.


Top-quality choices!

Appetizers & Salads

To start your meal with appetizers and salads that will cast their spell over you at first bite.

Naxian Cuisine

For authentic local recipes and famous Greek dishes with a Naxian touch.

Meat Dishes

Top-quality local meats that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmands.


Dishes and appetizers with an Aegean ‘air’, for seafood flavours you’ll never forget.

For all tastes, hours and seasons!


Take a look at our dishes

Exquisitely tasty and tasteful appetizers and dishes to excite your taste buds!


Try fine mezze and culinary delights created just for you!

We can create seasonal dishes especially for you on holidays and special occasions. You can be sure they’ll be created with the freshest ingredients available on the local market and cooked with passion, because we love what we do and want to provide you with the finest culinary experience. Ask us about the dish of the day and try great local recipes that you’ll wish were on the menu every day!


Our most popular dishes

Try an authentic Dakos with a traditional barley rusk, delicious chopped tomato and genuine Naxian xinomyzithra, along with a few local capers. A wonderfully fresh-tasting dish that can be eaten as an appetizer or as a salad accompanying both meat and seafood.

Don’t miss out on one of the island’s most celebrated dishes. This “must” of Naxos cuisine features local beef pot roast with aubergine, feta and Naxos graviera—a local recipe fit for a gourmand.

A wonderful fish mezze to accompany your summer ouzo. For this traditional Cycladic recipe, a mackerel is split and left in the sun for hours, then flash-grilled and served with emulsified oil and lemon and chopped parsley.


Customer reviews

A beautiful and very welcoming space, both inside and out, in one of Naxos Town's many picturesque alleys. Very tasty dishes, large portions and good prices. The staff were polite and pleasant—service with a smile. I recommend it!!!"

A. Panteleon

"Very good food, and filling. Excellent service."

O. Dimitriou

"Very nice traditional cuisine with local flavours. Very fine location in picturesque Naxos Town, and great prices!!!! Superb!!

Konstantina A.